What is RTK guidance?

What is RTK guidance?


As precision farming continues to become more popular, farmers are adopting new technologies to maximize their yields and optimize their resource usage. One such technology is Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) guidance, which provides centimeter-level accuracy for GPS positioning. In this article, we'll explore what RTK guidance is, its benefits, its applications in agriculture, and how the Tractor GPS app can help farmers take advantage of this technology.

What is RTK Guidance?

RTK guidance is a GPS technology that uses a base station and a rover to deliver real-time centimeter-level accuracy. The base station receives GPS signals and sends correction signals to the rover, enabling the rover to pinpoint its location with great accuracy. This technology is ideal for a range of agricultural applications where precise positioning is essential.

Benefits of RTK Guidance

Using RTK guidance has several benefits for farmers. First, it can help increase efficiency by minimizing overlaps and reducing the application of inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This can lead to cost savings and environmental benefits. RTK guidance also enables farmers to operate in low-visibility conditions, such as at night or in foggy weather, with greater accuracy. Additionally, RTK guidance enables farmers to create detailed maps of their fields, which can aid in soil sampling and yield monitoring.

Applications of RTK Guidance

RTK guidance has many applications in agriculture. One of its primary uses is in planting and harvesting operations. With RTK guidance, farmers can accurately plant seeds and harvest crops with minimal overlap, leading to higher yields and lower costs. RTK guidance is also useful for applying inputs like fertilizers and pesticides with precision, reducing waste and avoiding damage to the environment. Additionally, RTK guidance can help farmers create accurate topographic maps of their fields, which can aid in land-use planning and drainage management.

Tractor GPS App for RTK Guidance

One of the best apps available for RTK guidance is the Tractor GPS app. This app uses the latest GPS technology to provide precise guidance for planting, harvesting, and other farm operations. With Tractor GPS, farmers can easily access features that make precision farming more accessible than ever before, ultimately increasing efficiency and profitability.


RTK guidance is a powerful technology that is transforming the way farmers approach precision farming. Its benefits, from cost savings to environmental advantages, are significant, and its applications in agriculture are numerous. For farmers looking to maximize yields and optimize resource use, RTK guidance, combined with the Tractor GPS app, is an essential tool to consider.

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