What is Implement Positioning?

What is Implement Positioning?


Precision agriculture is becoming more prevalent with the development of new technologies, one of which is the guidance system. The guidance system uses GPS to assist farmers in planting crops, applying fertilizers, and managing pests. One important aspect of the guidance system is implement positioning, which ensures accurate placement of seeds or chemicals.

What is Implement Positioning?

Implement positioning is a feature of a guidance system that controls the position of the tractor's implement, such as a planter or sprayer. This feature ensures that the implement is accurately placed in the field, avoiding skips or overlaps that can reduce crop yields.

Benefits of Implement Positioning

Implement positioning provides several benefits to farmers, including:

Increased Accuracy

Implement positioning ensures precise placement of seeds or chemicals, leading to better crop yields and reduced waste.

Time Savings

With implement positioning, farmers can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to manage larger fields and increase productivity.

Reduced Costs

Implement positioning reduces the amount of wasted seeds or chemicals, which can result in significant cost savings for farmers.

Implement Positioning Technologies

There are several implement positioning technologies available for farmers, including:

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS

RTK GPS is a high-precision GPS technology that provides accuracy up to 1-2 cm. This technology is typically used for planting and spraying operations.

Automated Section Control

Automated section control technology allows farmers to turn off individual planter or sprayer sections to avoid overlaps and skips. This feature is commonly used in large fields where the implement is wider than the tractor.

Tractor GPS Apps

Tractor GPS apps, such as Tractor GPS, provide guidance and implement positioning through a mobile device. These apps are a cost-effective alternative to traditional guidance systems.


Implement positioning is an important feature of the guidance system that improves the accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of precision agriculture. With a variety of technologies available, farmers can choose the solution that best fits their needs and budget.

Implement positioning is more accessible and affordable than ever before, with the advent of tractor GPS apps like Tractor GPS. Get started with implement positioning to improve your precision agriculture operations today!

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